TRIMAX® – Real Tripolar Radiofrequency

Unique equipment with temperature sensor and control in REAL TIME

Product Description

For facial application the TRIMAX® has three radiofrequency emitters and one receptor, doubling them for body application. The device incorporates bolt technology on its headers, replacing previous flat-headers’ technology.

Thanks to its incorporated real-time temperature assisting control system, the resistive radiofrequency emission of the TRIMAX® (in its pulsed or continuous mode), ensures a comfortable treatment with excellent results.

Every session has 4 expected results:

* Augmentation of the peripheral circulation on the application zone;

* Incitation of the unnatural process of the elastic fibers;

* Activation of the extracellular matrix (stimulating collagen and elastine fibers’ deposits); and

* Firmness and tightening of the Skin.

TRIMAX® has homogeneous temperature emission, thanks to its three emitters and one receptor. Accompanying benefits of the radiofrequency treatment, TRIMAX® improves cellulite visualization by boosting fat metabolism.

Thanks to the location of its emitters (made of surgical steel) and the assisting control system, TRIMAX® generates high power and energy concentration with focus on the application zone to reach temperatures up to 42°C (107.6°F) – epidermis layer – and between 55/58°C (131/136.4°F) – dermis layer.

The temperature control function enables professionals to select different thermal ranges to perform the best result in each session.

TRIMAX® has personalized memories to custom parameters.

By physical contact and digital visualization TRIMAX® reveals real-time temperature of the superficial skin (epidermis), reducing application risks.

Visualize and control parameters of temperature control, time, power, emission mode, and usage time, among others, with its touch screen display or console.

TRIMAX® has a security system, an audible signal, warning the professional when temperature begins to exceed 39°C (102.2°F) on the application zone.

These security levels allow professionals to work assisted, safe from injuries and risks, and with visible results in each application.

How this novel system works?

Thanks to emitters quantity, positioning, and its cross fields system (made of surgical stainless steel), TRIMAX® increases its focused energy on the application zone, obtaining higher power concentration. Temperatures up to 42°C (107.6°F) reaches on epidermis layer and between 55/58°C (131/136.4°F) in dermis layer. This energy concentration allows an immediate contraction of collagen and elastine fibers stimulating its unnatural process and achieving instant, visible, and concrete results.

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