Transderm® – TRANSDERMIC TRANSFER – Non Invasive – with high-powered pulses and low intensity.

Innovation in Transdermic Transferring technology.

Product Description

TRANSDERM®, medical equipment for transdermic ingredients and local non-systemic drugs.

In an unstoppable search to satisfy the most demanding professional needs, Noto® created TRANSDERM®, combining new technology and design for non-invasive treatments.

An original device, not only for its design and touch screen display but also for its automatic energy deliver, conceived for application safety and speed.

ID® smart system reveals the professional, with a luminous sensor, the accurate patient-electrode link and the correct emission of the selected current – developed by Noto®.

This new technology assures treatment safety to professionals.

TRANSDERM® has software with automatic impedance detector via its finger clip sensor. By reaching the exact impedance level faster and with major concentration, ensures a higher molecular weight and volume transfer of the selected drug.

  • Suitable for hydrosolubles products.
  • Facial and body use.
  • ID system via finger clip sensor.
  • High-speed penetration.
  • Less application time.
  • Manual and automatic mode.
  • Non-systemic way.
  • 100% Surgical stainless steel headers (can be sterilize with autoclave and ethylene oxide).



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