N 1500

N 1500® – High-powered Electroporation

With “ID” system. Exclusive by Noto®

Product Description

Noto® developed N 1500® a device design to reach the best results with electroporation treatments.

Especially created for transdermic ingredients application, with biphasic (faradic) currents – the only pulsed current compatible with effective ingredients incorporation. N 1500® has facial and body surgical stainless steel headers, selection of power and time through its touch screen display, and the exclusive ID® system (Impedance Detector) – developed by Noto® – for application comfort according to each patient impedance.

ID® smart system reveals the professional, with a luminous sensor, the accurate patient-electrode link and the correct emission of the selected current – developed by Noto®.

This new technology assures treatment safety to professionals.

N 1500® is manufactured under strict safety and quality standards.

Its hardware and manufacturing system, with SMT technology, grants the device excellent usage, stability, and reliability features for patients and professionals while treatment is in progress.

The N 1500® is a device with high-powered pulses. These allow the incorporation of micro or macromolecules greater than 750.000 Dalton (Da).

Usage of high-powered currents encompasses more treatments and ingredients than previous technologies or other existent equipments.

Features offered by N 1500® are for facial and body areas.

Decametric and Exponential pulsed currents are indicated for facial and body treatments respectively.

Pulsed current selection optimizes the ingredient’s permeability – according to the application area – achieving effective and comfortable treatments.



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