N 1400

N 1400® – Microdermabrasion with diamond tips

Maximum abrasion power

Product Description

N 1400® of facial and body application, offers professionals maximum microdermabrasion quality and results. The device has timer control and vacuum pump regulation system. This feature, allows managing the device’s vacuum to perform precise applications (with safety and control) on eye lids, lips outline, and delicate zones.

The microdermabrasion applicator has a steel ergonomic 45° design, for better visualization and application technique.

N 1400® has washable and reusable filters.

Noto offers a unique system of disposable diamond tips called NEW-PEEL®.

NEW-PEEL® has been recently launched and replaces old diamond silica or tungsten tips. Each NEW-PEEL® is disposable, guarantees biosafety, and risk-free of bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, or cross contamination transmission with every patient.

NEW-PEEL® is adaptable to any MDA applicator, due to its screw thread and placement.

NEW-PEEL® is not an MDA abrasion sticker.

In each treatment, NEW-PEEL® retrenches cleaning time, disinfectant, and bactericides to maximize biosafety and reach an optimum cost-benefit equation.

NEW-PEEL® created and exclusively produced by Noto®.

Disposable NEW-PEEL® tips are manufactured in different micron sizes and colors for a quick identification, avoiding hard lecture and possible application mistakes. Available in four facial and two body micron sizes.

NEW-PEEL® was rapidly adopted by doctors, cosmetologists, and estheticians thanks to its benefits on professional practice.

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NEW-PEEL® is an innovation and exclusive development by NOTO, for professionals and treatment’s biosafety.

N 1400. Technical data