N 1203

N 1203® – 3 Mhz Ultrasound

Quality, safety, and results.

Product Description

Design for the aesthetic field, meeting safety, quality, and results requirements.

With its 3 Mhz frequency and penetration depth of 35mm, according to tissue’s density, the device focuses its effects in the subcutaneous tissue making the N 1203® one of the most used equipments for the aesthetic field.

The device produces mechanical vibrations which generate therapeutic changes on functionally altered tissues, enhancing its visualization, blemishes, and condition.

Ultrasonic waves are sonic vibrations produced by a piezoelectric transducer that exceeds 20.000 Hz. transforming the energy into mechanical vibrations, which are equivalent to the selected frequency. This effect produces acoustic pressure waves or, commonly known, shock waves.

Mechanical, thermal, and physiological are the effects on tissues.

A powerful mechanical tissue agitation produces high-powered intracellular micro massages. This friction or “cellular shaking” triggers an increase of the deep-skin temperature, producing physiological modifications.

Manufactured with high quality materials as stainless steel, acetal hypoallergenic resin, and barium Titanate piezoelectric crystal, the device grants the professional top safety and results.

N 1203® has:

  • Timer.
  • Power regulation (0 to 3 watts per cm2)
  • Continuous and Pulsed (10, 50 and 80 Hz.) emission mode.
  • LED emission indicator.

Enriches and improves the circulatory processes, it is recommended for:

  • Soft cellulite.
  • Nodules.
  • Small localized fat.
  • Circulatory disorders.
  • Body sonophoresis.

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