N 1108 Progressive

N 1108® – Body Electro-stimulation

Apply two different therapies and programs ON TWO MUSCLE GROUPS AT THE SAME TIME.

Russians, Square, Interferential, and T.E.N.S. therapies.

Product Description

Noto’s® N 1108® is the most advanced equipment for electro-stimulation treatments.

The device has the versatility of working 8 channels with one type of therapy or program, or to work together 4 channels on one muscle group and the remaining 4 on other group, at the same time with different waves and programs.

Select parameter as wave form, program, frequency, pulse range, time, and others to adequate the exact treatment for each muscular group, either in its 8 channels or in its 4 + 4 mode.

Each muscle or muscle group should be treated according to its need, tolerance, work load, frequency, etc. With this technological released, professionals can select the best treatment for different muscles on the same time two sessions would carry.

Work efficiently on mode 4 + 4, unique on this Noto® EMS, allowing professionals to achieve the desired objectives and results for each muscle group.

Conventional equipments operate all channels with the same wave form, power, and parameters.

Since tolerance, type of wave, power, frequency, and rest of parameters are different for each muscle or muscle group, Noto® alongside a team of professionals developed this versatile equipment in the search for specific results in the sought.

Each output operates with an independent double insulation system and an exclusive color electrode connection system for identification and application.

34 programs were specially developed by professionals adding 20 more for specific treatments’ customization.

The device starts and ends its pulsed emission on ramp, to achieved therapy’s comfort. All these features grants the possibility to accomplish visible, effective, and lasting results with Russians, Square, Interferential, and T.E.N.S. waves.

N 1108® has a multifunctional rotary key, multicolor smart lightning, and scroll control for both screens. These toggles allow in a faster and safer way to set all parameters, create and save new programs, and trace each patient evolution with its memories.

N 1108®, conceived and developed by professionals for muscular treatments as muscle tone, modeling, relaxation, firmness, and growth – among others. Also, the device treats effectively muscle flaccidity.

Waves and currents technology is biphasic (faradic pulses), ensuring a better result by working, at the same time, positive and negative muscle membranes. These types of currents don’t generate muscle exhaustion.

Its practical operation allows parameter customization as contraction, relaxation, frequency, application time, and pulse width, among others. Russians, Square (symmetrical and asymmetrical), interferential, and T.E.N.S. currents are customizable, providing treatment adaptability. Wave emission starts and ends on ramp.

It’s faradic (biphasic) pulsed emission gives the device excellent safety and usage features, granting the patient higher protection and comfort. Noto® utilizes SMT technology for all products.

An unique equipment, with 2 different treatment applications at the same time.

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