N 1104 Progressive

N 1104 PROGRESSIVE® – Body Electro-stimulation

54 programs – Russians + T.E.N.S. + SQUARE Waves – Biphasic Currents (faradic)

Product Description

Noto’s N 1104® Progressive, developed for professional use. Its modern design and alphanumeric display makes a versatile device, with different therapies, settings selection, large characteristics, and programs.

N 1104® Progressive has 4 output channels, 8 electrodes, and 34 programs especially design by professionals for muscle tone, body outline , relaxation, firmness, and growth, among others. The device also works effectively on muscle analgesia. The remaining 20 programs can be storage and customized for the search of specific results.

Waves and currents technology is biphasic (faradic pulses), ensuring a better result by working (at the same time) positive and negative muscle membranes. These types of currents don’t generate muscle exhaustion.

Its friendly operation allows parameter customization as contraction, relaxation, frequency, application time, and pulse width, among others. Russians, Square (symmetrical and asymmetrical), interferential, and T.E.N.S. currents are customizable, providing treatment adaptability. Wave emission starts and ends on ramp.

It’s faradic (biphasic) pulsed emission gives the device excellent safety and usage features, granting the patient higher protection and comfort. Noto® utilizes SMT technology for all products.

Device manufactured on metal cabinet for durability and portability, 100% digital operation, silicone injected cables for better flexibility and lastingness identification by colors for quick lecture and application. Beyond its design details, the N 1104® PROGRESSIVE delivers treatments quality, patient comfort, usage safety, and visible results.

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