LUMIÈRE® – Narrowband Photobiomodulation

Therapeutic LED’s device free of Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) rays.

Product Description

NOTO® alongside a team of professionals developed Lumière®. A device design and manufactured in Argentina, with the highest quality and safety, under strict national and international standards. Lumière® stimulates epidermal and dermal cells through its red, green, blue and, amber color delivering the phototherapy benefits by treating diverse pathologies and disorders.

Lumière® is a narrowband light emitter. Light emitting diode, LED, technological innovations grant the needed power to treat facial, body, and capillary areas without Ultraviolet and Infrared rays, in the working nanometers within the wavelength visible spectrum.

It’s a worldwide proven procedure that creates – according to color and dose selection – the desired cellular stimulation for each treatment or pathology.

This globally accepted technique applied in diverse pathologies and skin types presented on 95% of the cases no contraindications, visible results, patient tolerance, and atraumatic– thanks to NOTO®’s developed technology.

Lumière® is design under strict quality and safety standards.

Its hardware and SMT – tech manufacturing system – gives the device excellent features of usage, stability and emission reliability.

Control the desired dose for each patient through its TOUCH SCREEN, which automatically measures and commands the heat produced by the LED ceilings.

Lumière® has a system developed by NOTO called “OP®” (Ocular Protection) which increases and decreases – at the beginning and end of the therapy – the dose selected to protect the patient from the light’s impact, granting maximum efficiency and comfort. At the same time, OP® preserves LED’s component life and energy consumption. This new technology assures treatment safety to professionals.

Lumière® has 4 emitting panels, a platform to easily move it along the clinic or application areas, and an extendable column – increasing the device height in 20 cm or 7.87 inches.



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