DIOXI 1000

DIOXI 1000® – Controlled Carboxytheraphy

CARBOXYTHERAPHY device, unique with CO2 output control at 36° C (96.8° F)

Product Description

NOTO® developed DIOXI 1000® to achieve outstanding results with minimally invasive procedures. Specially built for professionals to provide custom, comfortable, and visible results. DIOXI 1000® has safety systems and a gas heating control, allowing the correct dose or volume infusion in the selected area and for patient comfort.

DIOXI 1000®  micro-processed control, made by NOTO®, allowed to achieve the highest and most demanding quality standards in its inlet and outlet valve system, and heating gas control (customizable). Uninterrupted safety measures are done by its algorithm, when the gas enters and exits the device for later infusion according to the selected parameters.

Carboxytherapy is the practice of infusing Carbon Dioxide, a gas that is below 0° C (96.8° F) in liquid state, and for this reason, the practice was unpleasant for the patient. Thanks to NOTO®’s R&D department and the technology applied, granted the possibility to heat the gas up to 36°C (96.8° F). The outcome of this excellent development is a synergy between comfortability and patient’s expected results.

To guarantee efficiency and effectivity in each application DIOXI 1000® is manufactured with superior safety measures thanks to the utilization of SMT technology and uninterrupted automatic controls. Furthermore, DIOXI 1000® disables the CO2 infusion in case the output is obstructed, emitting an audible and readable on the display alarm. Utilization of SMT technology grants the device excellent usage, stability, and reliability features.

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