Cav 47

CAV 47® – Cavitation device with variable frequency selection

Control, Reliability, and Results.

Product Description

Cavitation or ultra-cavitation is an effective and proven body modeling treatment with excellent results for adipose tissue. It’s a non-invasive technique that utilizes shock waves and pressure changes, forcing the adipocyte’s implosion and its subsequent natural elimination.

CAV-47® has software so professionals can select the frequency emission between 35, 38, or 40 Khz, taking shock waves’ impact up to 47 Watts, and adapting to treatment demands. CAV-47® grants stability in different types of adiposity as soft, hard, and edematous.

Use the console keys to select time, pulsed or continuous emission mode, frequency (35, 38, or 40 Khz), and power features. With previous interpretation of the adipose panniculus, frequency selection facilitates the results for professionals.

Design for body modeling and non-invasive, safe, and effective fat elimination, CAV-47® is the best option to fight localized adiposity and collaborate with cellulite improvement.

CAV-47® is effective, with visible results in few sessions, its treatment is painless, and comfortable for the patient.

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