BIMAX® – Real Bipolar Resistive Radiofrequency

Product Description

BIMAX® by Noto® has 2 radiofrequency emitters and one receptor.

BIMAX® has bipolar radiofrequency, created for professionals seeking for the latest technology in bipolar resistive radiofrequency.

BIMAX® incorporates bolt technology, which focuses the emission on the application zone and delivers visible results, which replaces previous flat-headers’ technology.

Resistive radiofrequency is a treatment that augments peripheral circulation in the application zone, incites the unnatural process of the elastic fibers, and activates the extracellular matrix (stimulating collagen and elastine fibers’ deposits) to obtain the skin’s firmness and tightening.

BIMAX® software, for pulsed and continuous modality treatments, ensures excellent results and flexibility to professionals’ requirements.

Noto® manufacturing quality and microelectronics usage grants the BIMAX® excellent emission stability and adaptability – for patient comfort.

BIMAX® collaborates with environmental care thanks to its TC® (Transmitter Control), only generating radiofrequency emission when there is physical contact between the device header and patient.

Has an easy reading and intuitive touch screen display commands with settings of time, power, emission mode, and usage time.

BIMAX®, thought for the best professional performance.

How this novel system works?

Thanks to emitters and receptors quantity and positioning, made of surgical stainless steel, BIMAX increases its focused energy on the application zone, obtaining a better power concentration. Its cross fields system (developed by Noto) temperature levels reaches 55/58°C (131/136.4°F) on employment zone and dermis layer. This energy concentration allows an immediate contraction of collagen and elastine fibers, stimulating its unnatural process. Temperature reached on superficial level is between 36° C (96.8F) and 42°C (107.6F).



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