Outsourcing Services

We offer our outsourcing services in the health care market, for contracting out and engaging in products and services development, design, implementation, and kick-off.

Our developments are present in different markets as health, medical care, sports, and aesthetic – among others.


Outsourcing services offered by NOTO and our group of professionals grant added value by including cutting-edge technology according to the project’s need. Our company, the market, and together with customers makes us partners for your success.

We create smart solutions, optimizing the final product, its production, application efficiency, and benefits’ growth.

Outsourcing services allow companies to::

  • Adapt to new market and users demands
  • Find a trustful partner for ideas application and kick-off
  • Contract know-how out for new releases, by merging efforts
  • Modify, on favourable situations, fixed costs to variable
  • Simplify tech supplier management
  • Allows companies to focus on their vital activities as commercialization, management, and finance, among others.

Our customers encounter at NOTO an ethical and confidential structure for projection, development, manufacturing, and launch of new challenges.

Some Projects

We maximize your idea for implementation

We collaborate on your success


  • High tech product development and design
  • Developed product production
  • Product market insertion
  • Combination of all previously mentioned
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Exclusiveness
  • Custom services