Welcome to NOTO and thanks for visiting us

Noto Group S.A. is an Argentinean company with presence in different world markets.

Our purpose is to deliver high quality products and services for professionals and companies emphasizing results and on pre and post sales support with the objective to build durable relationships, providing permanent solutions.

Noto’s products development and outsourcing services are present in the medical, health care, sports and aesthetic fields, among others. In each project and implementation, R&D finds the answer with solutions.

We choose the ability to listen – one of our most important assets – to achieve the results required by our customers, enhancing safety, quality and demanding standards for each market.

Innovation, design, technological development, and quality…the principles attached to every project until its kickoff.

To obtain the desired satisfactions and results for all health sectors, Noto proposes an efficient option with balanced cost.

Each and every last detail entailing a product or development is exhaustively studied, since its genesis and materials’ quality till its practical utilization.

In all projects, professionals with more than 25 years of solid experience in engineering, design, medicine, and marketing work together with potential users sharing knowledge and creating an optimum networking synergy.

Our Mission

Grant the professional community access to high tech equipment with the best performance and, through our Outsourcing services, provide knowledge to companies for development projects.

Our Vision

Be positioned as health market leader of equipment and services.