New Peel para web

Microdermabrasion tips disposables.

Replace the traditional silica or tungsten tips.

Assures biosafety with each patient in each treatment, riskless of bacteria, fungus, microorganisms, or cross contamination transmission.

Rapidly adopted by doctors, cosmetologists, and aestheticians thanks to its benefits on professional practice in sensible cases such as: celiac patients, herpes and/or acne holders, or papillomavirus carriers, among others.

NEW-PEEL® is adaptable to any MDA device applicator, due to its screw thread and placement.

Manufactured in different micron sizes and colors for a quick identification, avoiding hard lecture and possible application mistakes.

They come in packs of 20 and 50 units, 100% safe treatments.

NEW-PEEL® is an innovation and exclusive development by NOTO, for professionals and treatment’s biosafety.

Lapiz MDA

MDA Applicator

Adaptable for traditional and disposable NEW-PEEl® tips.

Puntas Tradicionales

Metal diamond tips (traditionals)

Sold by unit. Comes in 4 facial sizes (12 mm) of 50,100, 150 y 200 microns and a body size (22 mm) of 150 microns.



MDA kit comes with:

  • MDA applicator
  • Cleaning brush
  • 4 (four) traditional facial MDA tips of 50, 100, 150 y 200 micras
  • One traditional body MDA tip of 150 microns

Set electroporación

Electroporation Set

The electroporation set comes with one (1) facial header of 15 mm diameter and one (1) body header of 41.5 mm diameter.



Original NOTO electrodes. Available in two (2) sizes, small (67 mm x 37,7 mm) and big (87 mm x 57 mm)*.
*long x wid


Thin Edge Electro-stimulation cables

Color identification connection cables for electro-stimulation.

Set de bandas

Elastic straps

To fit any body, the kit comes in pairs of three (3) different sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


Origal NOTO Bag

To transport your NOTO device or gadget. 2 sizes currently available:

  • Small (24x22x11cm)*
  • Big (30x40x18cm)*

*Height x Wide x Depth

NOTO recommends using authentic gadgets, spares, and disposables to ensure results in each application.